Prior to starting TreatmentCalls.com, our founder was involved in the automotive industry. In 2008 he founded a company that quickly grew to over 450 employees in three countries and was the automotive insurance industry’s largest call generation company in the United States. Not complacent with taking an early retirement after the sale of that company, he started to think about starting a new business venture.

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After volunteering his time and sponsoring various local and national charity organizations, he knew he wanted to focus on an industry where he could really make a difference by helping people in need. In 2014, our CEO founded a group of businesses, including TreatmentCalls.com, serving the addiction treatment and behavioral health fields organized under the corporate umbrella of Redwood Recovery Solutions.

From our modest start generating calls in the auto insurance industry, through extreme growth and then a shift to individualized care, we’ve moved to the forefront of call generation for the addiction treatment industry. Making the change into the world of behavioral health has allowed our team to apply our unique tools and advanced methods to generate calls for treatment centers throughout the United States.


TreatmentCalls.com connects people seeking substance abuse care with treatment providers who can get them the support and guidance needed to break free from the chains of active addiction.

We get over 2,000 calls everyday from people looking for help with drug and alcohol addiction for themselves, a friend, or a family member.

Our clients get to choose how we deliver the calls based on parameters such as daily caps and time of day. We designed our customizable calls program this way so our treatment center partners are properly prepared to better help people in need.


With our years of experience generating calls for the treatment industry, TreatmentCalls.com leads the way in providing calls to your admissions team. We work with centers of all sizes, so whether you’re a 15-bed facility or a 2,000-bed facility, we’re ready to partner with you to help you reach out and connect with more people.

When choosing one of our customized call campaigns you set the limits for the number of calls and time of day your facility is able to receive calls from people looking for help. One of our Account Managers will sit down with you to outline your call campaign options to ensure your center is ready to maximize quality and customized patient care.

We’ll also discuss our many outlets for generating these calls and explain our simple and concise method of quickly transferring people in need to the caring and expert hands of treatment facilities and clinical care.

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