Why Your Treatment Center Should Buy Calls

Reach More People in Need

Call campaigns help you reach more people in need. A common question we get from potential clients is “Why should my treatment center buy calls?” Your lowest cost per admission is going to come from somebody that already trusts your brand. That might be somebody who is familiar with your facility, somebody who has spent time on your website, or somebody that’s following you on social media.

But how do you market your facility to someone that is not familiar with your brand? TreatmentCalls.com is ready to deliver calls to your center with one of our customizable call campaigns. We help connect people seeking treatment with a center that is able to meet their needs.

Finding Calls for Your Treatment Center

If you are building a website you can add all the content you want on it. We like to relate to it this way, let’s compare your website to an actual storefront. How you get people to go to a retail store is like how you get people to go visit a brand new website. It takes a bit of time and it takes a bit of word of mouth to get the word out about your company.

If you were to build a new retail facility at a brand new outlet mall, it’s going to take a long time before anyone knows you are there. So there are certain things, like link building, referrals, and building relationships with other people in the industry that can help get you noticed.

When you buy calls from us, what you’re doing is giving people the opportunity to connect with your facility and discover who you are. Writing search engine optimized content for your site will eventually get you noticed in Google search, but that can also be one of the downsides to the SEO game.

If you wanted to scale your business; let’s say you’re adding a detox level of care, or you’re adding equine therapy or another new treatment modality, or you’re adding on sober living, it’s like starting all over again. You’re literally re-branding your company and it takes time to build up views and traffic for the new addition to your business.

Customize Your Call Campaign

When you buy calls to help market your facility, it is more like turning on a spigot. When you buy calls from TreatmentCalls.com you can turn up or turn down the volume as you are growing. You can increase or decrease the actual flow of calls by telling us what time of day and what days of the week you want us to deliver your calls and you can tell us how many calls a day your center is able to handle.

If you know you have a certain number of people leaving treatment next week, or the following week, and your census is going to be considerably less than you want it this is the time to turn up you call volume. Inversely, if you are doing great and your SEO stuff is doing well, you can turn down the volume of calls we deliver at any time.

Our call campaigns are built on only the most honest and transparent messaging. Reach out to one of our Account Managers and ask them how TreatmentCalls.com can help you reach more people seeking treatment: 866-440-7577.

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