Mistakes Treatment Centers Make During Calls


One of the questions we get asked all the time is, “What is the biggest mistake admissions departments make on phone calls?”
One of the biggest mistakes we see happening at centers is when the phone just rings and rings and never gets answered. But before we answer that question in more detail, it’s important to first understand where get our statistics from.  

At TreatmentCalls.com we get over 2,000 phone calls a day, from all over the country, that come in from people seeking help. The treatment centers we work with say they want to have a better understanding of what’s going on during those calls.

We use a call tracking system that gives us an audio recording of every call and we let every caller know at the front end of the call that it’s being recorded.


We have 6 or 7 full-time employees at this point, that all day long they are tasked with listening to and auditing calls. They create what we call a chronological disposition for each call.

The disposition is a record of what goes on during the call so we have a sense of who’s calling and why they are calling: is it mom, dad, sister, or someone’s brother calling for a loved one, or is it the person who is suffering themselves.

The audited calls also give us a sense of what’s happening from the treatment center prospective. We can review what’s going on during each call as the facility talks to the patient. One of two things usually happens during the call; the call either results in a referral out to another facility or an admission into treatment.


This takes us back to the original question. One of the biggest mistakes we see happening at centers is when the phone just rings and rings and never gets answered. It’s a staggering amount of calls that go unanswered, and that number keeps increasing.

A year ago we had a similar conversation, when it was about 18% or 19% of calls that were going unanswered. Right now that number is reaching 23%, 24%, or even 25% of the total calls that come in that are not being answered by your admissions department.


With our call generation programs, you are paying for all those calls, even the ones that go unanswered. These are not unexpected phone calls that are coming from your website.

When you sign up for one of our call generation plans, you get to pick the times of day you want to receive calls and you get to pick how many calls an hour come into your admissions department. You get total freedom over how we deliver your calls and, even in spite of these customization options, there are still up to 25% of calls that are going unanswered.


There’s a head side and a heart side to this problem. The head side says, if you are a business owner, “Hey that’s a lot of money I’m spending that is going to waste.” It’s true, that’s a lot of marketing dollars that you were spending to try to drum up business that’s just going to waste.

The heart side is that somebody was on the other end of that unanswered call. Somebody was reaching out for help for drug or alcohol addiction. When there is no answer on the other end of the phone, you are taking someone who is in a hopeless state, and affirming that their situation is something they can’t change.

Don’t be that treatment center! Reach out to us today and let us help you help more people struggling with addiction.

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