Why Do 22% of Your Calls Go Unanswered?


Did you know that, on average, 22% of the calls coming in to your center aren’t being answered?


Is that the sound you want a client or potential client to hear when they call your facility? Often times people wait months, if not years, before they finally make up their mind to pick up the phone and call for help. So it’s a legitimate concern that you are potentially losing a client and losing money each time a call goes unanswered. So why would you not pick up the phone?

When you go with one of our customizable call campaigns, you can set the times of day that you want to receive calls. You can also set how many calls you get per hour and how many calls coming in at the same time you want to get. So what is the excuse for missing up to 22% of all your calls when you can completely customize how we send you calls?


One of the really interesting statements we get from many treatment center owners and marketing directors when we mention this statistic is “It won’t happen at my center.” But it does, it does happen, the average treatment center is missing 22% of their calls.

At Treatment Calls we work with centers of all sizes, from 15-bed centers to 2,000-bed centers. This actually happens, this is not something that you can afford to ignore. If you believe that no change is necessary in the way your facility answers calls, think again. This is a very simple stat that is easy to determine. When you take a look at how many calls in your center are going unanswered we promise you, you are missing more calls than you think you are missing.


The other thought that we get all time: ‘You know what, we’ve got aces on our calls, our guys are good, they are the real deal. It’s the Glengarry Glen Ross guys, you know we have these really great agents answering our calls.” Audit them. Have somebody else listen to the calls coming in to your center.

Have somebody else take the time and look at it from a completely different angle than you are. Because you know what? We listen to thousands and thousands of calls and the centers that we would have bet on, that say they have aces? We found that they aren’t always answering calls. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to answering calls in your center.

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