Pay Attention to the People Calling Your Center


People calling your center after seeing a TV ad might not even know what facility they will be connected to. So it’s up to your admissions staff to find out why they are calling for help. Ask the caller, what was the pain point that the TV ad addressed that made them pick up the phone and call?

Your admissions staff needs to work on building a relationship with the person calling. A great way to get more admissions is by first gaining the trust of the people calling in. Ask them if they are looking for help for themselves, or a loved one. Then give them the chance to tell you why they called before you overload them with information about why your center is so great.


We need to empathize with callers to try to understand what they are going through so we can get them the help they need. When your callers are greeted by someone reading off a script, before we even ask them why they are calling, then we are really dropping the ball.

While scripts can help guide the conversation, the people in charge of answering your phones need to learn how to have genuine conversations with callers. Reading off a prepared script often doesn’t sound believable to the person calling and can come off as lacking compassion.


Here at we track calls generated from helpline style ads. Here’s a really interesting fact we discovered, up to 38% of incoming calls are from people who have called in multiple times. Let’s take a closer look at that statistic. It means that the person calling your admissions department didn’t get the help they were looking for on the first call.

Such a high multiple call rate says that we aren’t doing a good job of actually listening to the person to discover why they are calling. We are potentially missing an opportunity to care for somebody that is reaching out to us and genuinely looking for help. It’s time to put down the script, stop sounding like a robot, and actually get engaged in the conversation.

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