Average Ring Time Before Client Hangs Up


Have you ever wondered how long a person will wait for their call to be answered before they get frustrated and hang up? Last week we talked about the calls coming in to your treatment center and how up to 22% of those calls go unanswered.

Did you know that the average ring time before someone hangs up is 17 seconds? So that means those people are waiting for someone to pick up the call. Think about how long you would wait. Take the time to audit some of the calls coming in to your facility to get an idea of what is really happening during those calls.


If your center isn’t answering calls in a timely manner you are potentially missing an opportunity to provide service to someone looking for help. Here are some interesting Wait Time (WT) statistics to look at when auditing the calls coming in to your admissions department.

  • AWT = Average Wait Time
  • Average time callers wait before their call is answered
  • ASA = Average Speed of Answer
  • Average time before someone in your admissions department answers the call
  • AASA = Average Agent Speed of Answer
  • Average time it takes for a particular agent to answer the call

There are people who are hanging up earlier and sometimes even later than these averages. We actually listen to many of the calls coming into our help line. In one instance we had a  person that waited 3 1/2 minutes, and it wasn’t like they were listening to an automated system while they were waiting for someone to answer their call. The caller wasn’t sitting there thinking, “Oh I’m waiting patiently for someone to answer my call, the automated message told me I had wait for the next available agent so I’ll keep waiting.”


Now, let’s assume you own a treatment center and you are a numbers person. When calls to your treatment center go unanswered, this means an incredible amount of money is being wasted. Callers are going to eventually hang up the phone and call someplace else. That’s the practical side of the marketing equation; unanswered calls = lost business.

The emotional side of the marketing equation should have you wondering how long did the person calling wait before they decided to make the call. How many days, or weeks, or months, or years, or relationships did they go through before they had the courage to pick up the phone and call your center? Someone was on the other end of the call that went unanswered, someone who was looking for help for themselves or for a loved one.

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