Why Mentioning Marketing is Like Saying a 4-Letter Word

Last week we discussed Healthy Call Mix and the types of calls we would send you if you decided to buy calls from us.

Why is it when you mention marketing in the behavioral healthcare industry everyone reacts like you just said a 4-letter word?

Jason Brian, CEO of TreatmentCalls.com, has been a featured speaker at many conferences and panel sessions. He recently spoke at Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare where he discussed Exposing the Truth on How Treatment Centers Market.


Marketing in this industry is kind of like the response you get when using a 4-letter word. There are certain things, when it comes to marketing in the addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare fields, that typically get frowned on. We want to make sure that at least from our perspective we all follow this same thought process.

During the session Jason mentioned current marketing practices common to the addiction treatment field. He talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of behavioral healthcare marketing by taking an in-depth look at what works and what doesn’t work when selling your facility and services to people looking for help.

Most centers need help on how to transition to more legal, ethical and moral approaches to connecting with people looking for help with drug, alcohol and dual-diagnosis addiction. The industry needs to find better ways to reach out to people looking for help while avoiding unethical tactics such as patient brokering, false advertising claims and bait-and-switch internet advertising.

We building our call campaigns on honest, ethical, and transparent marketing practices.


TreatmentCalls.com receives over 2,000 calls a day from people seeking addiction treatment. The calls we deliver to you are generated from helpline style ads. Our goal is to connect these people reaching out for help with a center able to meet their treatment needs. 

We are doing the same kind of marketing that treatment centers and service providers do. We have outside reps just like you have, we have websites that we design just like you have, and we do paid search just like you do. The only difference is that in our model we inherit the risk. We’re the one spending the money on our sites, we’re developing them, we’re placing Google Ads to advertise our service.

When you sign up for one of our programs, you’re paying for the fruit of our marketing efforts in the form of calls, not in the form of placements, not in the form of admissions, you’re paying for them in the form of calls. Our call marketing model is very simple. We do the marketing to help you become more successful. We’ve designed our customizable call campaigns so our treatment center partners are properly prepared to better help people in need.

Reach out to TreatmentCalls.com today and learn more about our customizable call campaigns: 866-904-4038

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